What are e-books?

e-books are books that you can read on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. They contain the same stories and images as printed books, but because they are in digital format, e-books are extremely portable and are instantly available to read once you have downloaded them.

How are our e-books formatted?

Our e-books are supplied as PDF files, which can be read on most computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Where will my e-book be kept after I have purchased it?

Once you have purchased your e-book, it will be added to your personal ‘My library’ page, ready for you to download at your convenience.

How do I open an e-book on my computer?

After you've bought an e-book and downloaded it to your computer, you should be able to double-click it to open it. You may need to install free PDF-reading software such as Adobe Reader in order to read PDF e-books.